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National Mourning update

National Mourning period update

Below are a few updates on the next final steps of the mourning period for Her Majesty the Queen.

Cotswold District Council are continuing to publish information on their website and on social media.

Guidance around council business on the Bank Holiday

It has been announced that Monday 19th September will be a national bank holiday. The District Council will be pausing services as usual for a bank holiday. This includes

  • Waste collection services will be running one day behind all next week so collections on Friday 23rd September will be on Saturday 24th. Information is available on our website
  • All Our customer services and other council services, including customer services, will be paused on the day of the bank holiday apart from the normal emergency services we provide.

Closing condolence books

Condolence books have been opened across the district and should be closed at the end of the day on the 20th September in line with national guidance.

At the end of the mourning period, we will be archiving all the condolence books for future generations to see. If you would like your condolence book archived with the others, please contact us.

Managing tributes

We are aware that tributes have been left across the district.

Following the end of the mourning period on the 20th September tributes can be left for up to 5 days after the day of the funeral after which they should be removed.

Flowers and organic material can be added to Garden Waste bins. Wrappers and other rubbish should be placed in general waste bins.

If you have any tributes such as teddies etc, we would be happy to receive these and include them with the books of condolence archive.

If you have large amounts of organic material to be removed and would like some help with this, please get in touch with Sarah Dalby, by 20th September

Raising the flag

Following the end of the period of national mourning period on 20th September, all the Union Flags should be returned to full mast at 8am and any other flags can be raised as before the mourning period.

National Moment of Reflection

The National Moment of Reflection will take place at 8pm on Sunday 18 September, details of this are on the Government website -

Posted: Thu, 15 Sep 2022 12:34 by Chipping Campden Town Council

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