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Lockwood and Co Filming

The Town Council has been in further discussions with Type3 Productions about the proposed filming in Chipping Campden. The letter to residents and businesses is below that will be distributed over the next few days in the High Street, Leasbourne, Lower High St, Sheep Street, Park Road, Back Ends and Calf Lane including Peelers Close. The letter explains the proposal and what is being done to mitigate any disruption. The intention is for Type3 to make personal contact with as many people as possible.

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Dear Resident or Business owner,

As you may be aware, Type3Productions are producing an action adventure series for a major online streaming service. We had planned to film scenes in Chipping Campden Market Square Car Park earlier this year but unfortunately had to postpone filming for covid-related reasons beyond our control. We are very excited to feature Chipping Campden in the show and are in discussions with Chipping Campden Town Council and Chipping Campden Town Trust about our proposal to film on the Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th of September between 12:00 until 20:30. I am writing to you to make you aware of these proposals and to detail a timeline of the proposed activities. We wish to garner any feedback you may have in order to ensure that, on gaining approval, the project runs as smoothly as possible for all parties.

Traffic Management Due to the dressing and equipment we would be bringing into the Market Square, and to facilitate our shoot in the safest possible way for residents and crew alike, we are proposing a temporary road closure along the High Street. This would be in place from 05:00 AM on Tuesday 28th September until 05:00 AM Thursday 29th September. We have sought approval from Chipping Campden Council and the local highways authority. We would of course also grant access to business owners, customers, residents, deliveries, bus and emergency services. If filming was to commence, we would only be taking up parking immediately around our Location in the Market Square Car Park in order to keep the continuity of our show. The road closure would be undertaken by our traffic management company and we will endeavour to minimise traffic and disruption, please see our proposed traffic management plan attached to this letter.

We would also like to cordon off 8 to 10 spaces within the Market Square Car Park in order to erect our set dressing ahead of our shoot on Monday 27th September. We would provide overflow parking free of charge at the rear of the Kings Arms hotel and this will be marshalled by our own stewards.

During our shoot days on Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th September we would provide free parking at Pans Place, Back Ends, Chipping Campden GL55 6AU. We will have a cut through the Cotswold House Hotel to the High Street, and this will be signposted. We would also have a shuttlebus active across the duration of our shoot to bring less abled visitors into the High Street from our overflow parking area.

Timings & Scenes Filming would commence from approximately 12:00 to 20:30, however there could be activity around the square from 08:00 AM in order to set up. Our action primarily takes place on the pavement outside the Kings Arms hotel, the Market Square car Park, and some inside the Old Police Station. All on set crew will wear headsets to communicate from 19:00 in order to keep noise levels down. We will take every precaution possible, to create safe diversions around equipment, and will endeavor to keep disruption to you to an absolute minimum. We will of course allow pavements to free flow and may only request public to wait for two minutes at a time during takes to keep the continuity of the scenes. Please see full breakdown of our proposed activities overleaf.

Technical Vehicles Our technical vehicles would be parked with the permission of a landowner 1 mile out of town and we would use pickups and smaller vans to bring the equipment into town. We would store items in our allocated kit areas off of the high street. We will have an ultra-silent generator situated nearby to set which will be operated by qualified technicians and this is essential to ensure we have the power necessary to facilitate our shoot. Technical equipment on the pavement will be kept to a minimum, and we will not obstruct Public walkways.

We do of course hold fully comprehensive public liability insurance and all filming activity is risk assessed to ensure we are conducting our filming safely. We will make every effort to ensure the minimum disruption to surrounding residents and businesses. Filming on location cannot take place without the ongoing support of local residents and businesses, and for this we are extremely grateful. Throughout our filming members of my team will be on site to ensure smooth running and that our presence in the area does not cause any undue disruption. Please see details of how to contact us with any concerns or queries overleaf.

Thank you reading and I look forward to perhaps meeting some of you during our filming.

Yours faithfully,

Harriet Press Location Manager Type3Productions LTD

Posted: Thu, 02 Sep 2021 09:42 by Jo Harrigan

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